Since 1972, the shoe manufacturing sector has spread over many years and many private sector companies have worked and proven in the past activities as a shoe firm in the past with the aim of becoming the leading company in the industry and daily capacity and monthly capacity with the latest technological machinery team and equipment is producing continues its success with the Secure shoes brand, one of the well-known companies of the Turkish footwear sector, to sign new projects.
Our company, with years of experience since its establishment, has undertaken and completed its ongoing and ongoing works, as well as the types and volumes of public works, as well as the companies and organizations involved in the implementation of the state-of-the-art technology and organization organization. experienced technical personnel, machinery and equipment park with all these projects can carry out successfully.
Secure We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with our valued customers throughout the shoe manufacturing production with years of experience in the footwear industry. Since its inception, our company has specialized staff in the production of footwear continues that pioneering leader in the production of shoes to Turkey Store Floor sector and other private sector companies and projects. The company's unchanging principles have always been quality, service, on-time delivery and reasonable price. Secure shoes, which is working with the principle of honesty and quality in service, assures success and continuity in production.




   To contribute to the economy of the country with the investments we have made in the goods and services we produce with the awareness of the importance of the accumulation of the past and to contribute to the growth and increase with the honesty principle of our employees and all our stakeholders.


  To provide all kinds of products, services and technology in favorable conditions that will add added value to the footwear sector and increase foot health, to take pioneering activities to contribute to the development of the sector, to stay true to the corporate values, to transfer the experience to the next generations.
By combining leather and fashion with a perfect harmony, to incorporate it into life and to offer a pleasant and elegant experience to its customers with its product and service approaches.


 Customer orientation,
Be tolerant,
Continuous development


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